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The Spell Check Effect features Gulliver, sent from 2084 where all communication devices (including people) have been set on autocorrect. Permanently. As a civil servant from this not-so-distant future, where Ambiguity is considered to be a global threat, Gulliver has used his Time Travel Visa to explore his metaphorical freedom and reflect on the implications of his work at the Speech Sanitation Division. The solo show combines spoken word, poetry, jokes, songs, surveys and audience participation; touching on the role language plays in self-expression, consumerism, gender issues, social equality, state surveillance and politics. 

Read a review of the show by Nick Bradbury at Get Reading.


Another review from


Find my press release here.


For a taste of what communication is like in the future, set your communication device to predictive text


      - Android : Settings > Language & Keyboard > Input > advanced > "Next Word Prediction"
      - Microsoft : Menu > Settings > Phone > Language > Predictive text
      - IOS: unfortunately, no in built next word prediction on iphones... Borrow your friend's device!

Choose a word that summarises your current situation and then simply select the words that your phone suggests for you. Please send your thoughts, as sanitised by your device, to my Twitter feed.

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